About us

How it all started…
As a racer, founder and owner Ben Poirier was an avid wheel builder. Building custom wheelsets for many racers in the Laurentian mountain micro shop was a passion. Set-up in his basement he also built wheelsets for many big companies in Canada & U.S. An incredible amount of four thousands wheels per year were built in the small basement operation. As business started to pick up, it became more interesting and more worth his while to become a business owner, instead of racing to make a living.
The focus now was on developping a more conventional store than going big with the wheel building industry. Cybercycle was born in Mont-tremblant in 1999 with a small parts counter and high-end mechanic service. It was not long before the demand surpased the supply enabling the move out of the basement to a real 450 sq ft store in the basement of Daniel Lachance’s ski shop. There the business really took off! Overwhelmed by its success he could finally afford to live out his passion for cycling.
Has things got better space was of a big concern and Ben had to look for another business place with more room to spare. The choice ended on the stores current location in the old village of Tremblant right next to the old rail road bike path. There the business grew again with more bikes and finally a real showroom to showcase the high-end parts and bikes. Since then, Cybercycle is living well and still strive to give the best mechanic service and a selection of bikes for all cycling needs. You can always come and get your dose of pre-workout caffeine at the excellent coffee shop inside the bike shop.

Cybercycle team.

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